CEWH researchers are deeply immersed in understanding how sex and gender affect the use, impact and regulation of cannabis. In an era of rapid changes in cannabis policy, and increased investments in research, we are a leading voice in bringing SGBA+ considerations to cannabis use, or, often, in highlighting gaps in evidence and policy considerations. We are providing a much needed sex and gender based analysis to current issues and prevailing practices in cannabis use, regulation, research and practice.

We work closely with Health Canada in a productive policy-research partnership where we bring the available evidence to policy making, with a focus on prevention of problematic use. We are also developing a harm reduction approach to understanding how various routes of administration of cannabis, such as smoking, vaping, or ingesting edibles may affect women and men in different ways so we can more precisely recommend the least harmful approaches to practitioners and consumers. And, as experts in developing better practices for responding to substance use during pregnancy and post-partum, we are applying our experience and skills to understanding how cannabis use affects pregnancy and breastfeeding and developing credible health information for women.

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