Women and Alcohol and FASD Prevention

In 2013-2014, the BC Ministry of Health in collaboration with the BC Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health is supporting province-wide education on women and alcohol and FASD prevention.

SupportGroupPractice guide.Sep.5.14

Support Group Practice Guide: Supporting Vulnerable Women and Families

Frances Jasiura and Cristine Urquhart

A practical resource for those facilitating drop‐in support groups with vulnerable women and families, to strengthen engagement, empowerment and safety. It is appropriate for both professionals and paraprofessionals and serves as a resource to program managers who supervise and support existing group facilitators and orient new staff to these roles.

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Women and Alcohol: A Women’s Health Resource

British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, 2014

This resource was written by women for women, to provide useful information about alcohol and to help women make healthy and well-informed choices about alcohol use.

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Alcohol And Pregnancy Brief Intervention Guides

The resources in this section were developed to support service providers to successfully engage with women and their partners on alcohol use, pregnancy, and prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). While many aspects of FASD prevention are interconnected, current evidence and practice issues have been synthesized into eight topics that allow service providers to explore issues from different perspectives and that are most relevant to their own practice.

Each topic area includes: a brief overview of recent research findings; practical strategies for addressing alcohol issues with women; online resources for further reading and for sharing with women and their supports; reflection and discussion questions; and referral information for British Columbia.

Click below for each detailed Intervention Guide or download just the 8 infographic posters together in one document.


BIG 1 cover- Who Drinks Alcohol during Pregnancy

 1. Who Drinks Alcohol During Pregnancy?

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2. cover- Safest Not to Drink in Pregnancy 2. “It Is Safest Not To Drink During Pregnancy.” What Does This Mean?

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3. cover -Pages from Alcohol Preconception & Contraception3. Alcohol, Contraception and Perception

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4. cover -Alcohol Pregnancy Treatment & Care4. Treatment and Care for Pregnant Women who use Alcohol and/or Other Drugs

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5. cover - Alcohol Pregnancy Violence & TIP5. Pregnancy, Alcohol, and Trauma-informed Practice

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6. cover- Alcohol Pregnancy Partner Support 6. Alcohol, Pregnancy and Partner Support

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7. cover- Girls alcohol and pregnancy7. Girls, Alcohol and Pregnancy

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 8. cover- young-women alcohol8. Young Women, Alcohol and Pregnancy