Every woman has her own reasons for smoking. Every woman can find her own way of quitting and staying smoke-free in her own time.

There was so much going on in my life when I learned I was pregnant, I didn’t feel ready to quit. I managed to reduce my smoking to one pack every three or four days during pregnancy and my doctor was really supportive. When my daughter was a year old, I felt ready to try and cut back even more. I really had to figure out my relationship to smoking—the good and the bad.

What Worked for Noa

One of things I knew about smoking in my life is that it helps me relax. At first, I couldn’t imagine a world without smoking—how would I ever relax? I still smoke to relax, but I’m starting to find other ways to relax, too, like listening to music, ignoring the dishes and playing with my daughter, going for a walk. Microwave popcorn has really helped me to cut back by delaying when I smoke. And I make sure that no one ever smokes in my daughter’s bedroom.

Pregnant? Not ready to Quit?

Are you ready to quit smoking? Taking a closer look at the role of smoking in your life.

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