Perspectives on vaping and pregnancy

This webinar is part of the Applying a sex, gender, trauma & equity lens to substance use webinar series.

While there has been some research on cannabis use during pregnancy, there is little on vaping cannabis during pregnancy and postpartum. More research on nicotine vaping is also required to equip service providers and support women in making informed decisions about vaping during pregnancy. The Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health conducted a literature review, and a mixed-methods study with women who vape during pregnancy and postpartum, in order to understand the motivations for vaping, and the information needs women had on health-related aspects of vaping during pregnancy and postpartum. In this webinar, we discuss the project findings, the resources that were created informed by women’s perspectives, and how they can be applicable to your practice.

Women and Tobacco Use

This video presentation by Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health Senior Investigator, Dr. Lorraine Greaves, in conjunction with Taking Texas Tobacco-Free, offers insight into patterns of women’s use, meanings of smoking to women, related health issues, and gender specific interventions.

Women and Stroke

Integrating Gender into Health Promotion Exercise

Gender integration refers to strategies that take gender norms into account and compensate for gender‐based inequalities.