The Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health regularly develops webinars and courses to support learning about research findings and action at the community, provincial/territorial and national levels. Some of these materials arise from research projects that have spanned over 12 years, with the goal of delivering strong evidenced-based resources to a broad range of researchers, practitioners, health system planners, funders and community-based advocates. Explore the webinars and courses below to find material that is suitable for these differing audiences.
  • Courses
    Explore courses on gender transformative approaches to health promotion, substance use interventions, and mental health.
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  • Webinars
    Stay up to date with upcoming webinars, as well as archives on topics of maternal health, virtual interventions, and more.
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  • Videos
    The following videos and digital narratives were developed in the course of projects we have undertaken over the years focused on integrating sex, gender, and trauma informed aspects into substance use and mental health responses.
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