There are options for starting points in planning. Health promotion specialists, health system planners and others interested in health promotion may be approaching gender-transformative health promotion from the location of a particular setting for enacting health promotion.

Asking the questions (in the Settings circle) will focus health promotion designers and practitioners on the impact of gendered relations, roles and the institutional expectations surrounding gender specifically on women. Such questions will also highlight power differentials among women and between women and men in specific settings. All of these added inputs generate more information for tailoring health promotion more tightly and sensitively.


  • A setting offering assisted living care may be interested in encouraging older women with arthritis and osteoporosis to exercise
  • A hospital may be interested in offering mindfulness training for staff as they implement trauma-informed practice across the institution
  • A community centre may be interested in engaging the local lesbian community in heart health awareness given higher rates of obesity, smoking, and stress (16)