The Women’s Chronic Pain and Prescription Opioid Project was a two-year project led by the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health and funded by Health Canada. The goal of the project was to create sex, gender, equity, and trauma informed resources for health and social service providers that reflect women’s lived and living experiences with chronic pain and prescription opioids.

In the course of this project, we developed an online education module for health and social service providers who work with women and gender diverse individuals living with chronic pain. This module is informed by literature reviews, consultations with policymakers, health/social service providers, researchers, and women with lived and living experience.

The module supports health and social service providers to:

The guide is organized into three sections on:  1) women and chronic pain, 2) use of prescription opioids, and 3) comprehensive chronic pain management for women, and includes resources for practice.

To learn more, access the education guide:

We also developed information packages, a policy report, information sheets and infographics, videos and webinars, all of which can be found here.