A resource to support service providers in their work with women.

These clips supplement provincial training on alcohol and pregnancy. They grew out of requests from service providers to see the evidence-based framework in practice with women. They provide a means of answering many of the shared questions brought forward by service providers who attended provincial education sessions.

Part 1: Setting the Stage

This section outlines a framework for supporting women who use alcohol, tobacco and other substances in pregnancy and beyond. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is described as well as the necessity of prevention.

Part 2: Common Clinical Questions

Experts from the field share their practice wisdom and answer a number of common clinical questions.

Part 3: Scenarios

Service providers in various contexts demonstrate using a women-centred, harm-reduction oriented and collaborative motivational approach.

Part 4: Summing Up

The clips conclude with reflections on the importance of prevention and moving forward with the framework. number of common clinical questions.